ŠKODA AUTO is a member company of Business for Society (Byznys pro společnost) since 2011. Business for Society is the largest platform for Corporate Social Responsibility promoting sustainable and responsible business in the Czech Republic working close on variety of CSR topics with the department SR / External Affairs & CSR since 2011. Business for society associates dozens of major companies, cooperates with Czech key associations, public institutions and state. Business for Society is the biggest partner of CSR Europe and a national coordinator of many European programs – such as the Czech edition of the Diversity Charter.

ŠKODA AUTO will sign the Czech Diversity Charter in 2019 and will join more than 70 signatories in the Czech Republic. The Diversity Charter becomes a strategic document for the employers. It is in their economic interest to build a company culture that is open to everyone. After signing the Diversity Charter, ŠKODA AUTO will increase its visibility, improve its reputation and image in the market.

In 2018, ŠKODA AUTO representatives from departments SR, STR, SB or FRS participated in conferences, workshops, roundtables and other events organized by Business for Society and its member companies. To name a few, „Scandinavian inspiration for job flexibility – model of job market Flexicurity“, European Diversity Day 2018: Are prejudices and unconscious bias the hidden obstacle for innovation and development of the companies and employees?“ or „Support of employees who take care of others while working.“

Ondřej Kočí from the STM team spoke at the March 2018 Diversity Charter Conference: Mother and fathers are welcomed, where he shared his experience as a man on parental leave. Miroslav Jedlička from SB/5 team was a panelist at the November 2018 event „Scandinavian inspiration II: Flexibility and work mobility: experience of employers in the Czech market“.

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